Where is this styling coming from?

January 24, 2017, at 10:28 AM

I searched several of the suggested questions that came up when typing this, but I couldn't find an answer to my problem.

I'm using Uikit V2, and I have a div with the Sticky component. Here:

    <div class="uk-sticky" data-uk-sticky id="nvbr">
                <nav class="uk-navbar-center">
                    <a class="uk-button" href="#pg5"><h3>Contact</h3></a>
                    <a class="uk-button" href="#pg6"><h3>AboutUs</h3></a>
                    <a class="uk-button" href="#pg3"<h3>Services</h3></a>

This works fine on the full screen, but when I resize to a small screen, the bar gets very wide. I open then in the inspector in Chrome and I get this line:

    <div class="uk-sticky-placeholder" style="height: 123px; margin:0px;">

Where would this be in my code and how can I fix it? I looked in Uikit and the Uikit.js.

(I should note, that when I am in Inspector, if I change that 123px to say 10px, it looks fine.)

Thanks all.

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