What exactly will break when forwarding responsive HTML email? [on hold]

March 21, 2017, at 4:52 PM

It is well known that HTML email has a high chance of crashing in style when being forwarded. However, while there are information on what is supported in which email client (for example), it seems there is no similar information on what will break on forwarding.

My first guess was that only features supported by that client will be forwarded...... but I was proved wrong when I try forwarding a email to myself. (From gmail to gmail) Originally it was a responsive email, but after forwarding it stays at mobile version all the time. (I am using desktop gmail web client to do the forwarding)

So, if I want more than a plain text email, what HTML element with what CSS are safe for forwarding?

Answer 1

Sadly this will vary from client to client - for instance if it goes via Outlook then Outlook will forward on it's own markup version of your email, stripping out anything it can't render and adding in loads of MS styles.

Given there are so many clients out there, each with their own quirks, oddities and update cycles, it's not something the email designer has much control of unfortunately. But the basic guidence would be the simpler it is, the more chance it has of being readable after it's been mangled by forwarding.

If you are lucky enough to be know which client the majority of your recipients use then that could give you a clue about which clients to research?

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