How can I increase the number of cards per row using react-bootstrap <CardColumns> component?

March 21, 2021, at 11:20 AM

I am struggling a bit with how to format React-Bootstraps <CardColumns> component.

It appears no matter what size my cards are, they will only put 3/row but I am trying to get like 4/5 per row. I am just using the basic component with no extra css. How can I force it to put more cards there?

<CardColumns style={{padding:20}}>
        {, i){
                    return <ListingCard key={i} listingData={featuredListing}/>

the <Listing Card> component is just my own using the <card> component.

Also - when I modify the number of cards to display, and it is not an even multiple of 3, it only puts 2 on the last two rows rather than just 3 on one row, and 1 on the other? How can I force it so that it does 3+1 rather than 2+2? I am trying to create a product listing page. Here is what I am talking about

trying to get 2 even rows of 3 and one row of 1

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