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October 10, 2017, at 11:45 AM

Is it possible to write web crawler in Jsoup such that will submit every kind of search bar on every website?

For exampe, here we have list of websites:







(and infinite number of websites with search bar here.)

At every of listed above website you will find search bar but every of them is different. Is it possible to write a web crawler using Jsoup that will fill a search field with given phrase and will return to me a website with results?

I am going to use that crawler in android app so I choose Jsoup. If there is any other web crawler library that is supported on Android I can choose also another one.

Thx in advance! :)

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I'm trying to send intent from fragment to MainActivityBut while doing startActivity(intent) at this point app is working good but every time I click on listview fragment is refreshing and listview starts from 0 index again

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I'm trying to create a simple Android application powered with Watson services (Conversation, Text to Speech and Speech to Text)The app is supposed to do two things based on the input from user:

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I'm real new to android development and would like any sort of helpMy app uses a drawer layout with a list view of filters and when clicked on a filter it will request data from an api and show it on the recyclerciew

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I am trying to load a local HTML file from assets folder in webviewI can get the HTML file to load in webview, but the html file relies on one external