How to add a FrameLayout in the footer of RecyclerView in the Fragment

April 15, 2019, at 4:40 PM

I use the ListView and addFooterView to insert a FrameLayout in the Fragment, it's works!

But now I want to use RecyclerView and to add FrameLayout in the footer of the RecyclerView in the Fragment.

What can I do? Thank you!

Here is my ListView code:

public class NewFragment extends Fragment {
    private ListView mListView;
    public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, @Nullable ViewGroup container, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        View view = inflater.inflate(R.layout.new_layout,container,false);
        mListView = (ListView) view.findViewById(;
        // AD FrameLayout.
        FrameLayout footerLayout = (FrameLayout) getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.footerview, null);
        // ListView.
        ArrayList<Card> list = new ArrayList<>();
        list.add(new Card("drawable://" + R.drawable.icon1, "Batman","1 min","drawable://" + R.drawable.img_pic1, "list1 post1.", "10000 likes", "10000 message"));
        list.add(new Card("drawable://" + R.drawable.icon2, "Superman","10 min","drawable://" + R.drawable.img_pic2, "list1 post2.", "1234 likes", "123 message"));
        list.add(new Card("drawable://" + R.drawable.icon3, "Ironman","30 min","drawable://" + R.drawable.img_pic3, "list1 post3.", "10 likes", "10 message"));
        CustomListAdapter adapter = new CustomListAdapter(getActivity(), R.layout.card_layout_main, list);
        mListView.addFooterView(footerLayout); // add FrameLayout in the footer of listview.
        return view;

Here is my RecyclerView code(notadd FrameLayout yet):

public class HotFragment extends Fragment implements SwipeRefreshLayout.OnRefreshListener {
private RecyclerView postcardRecycler;
private ArrayList<PostCard> post_data = new ArrayList<>();
private ArrayList<PostCard> refresh_data = new ArrayList<>();
private PostCardImageAdapter adapter;
private Handler handler = new Handler();
private SwipeRefreshLayout swipeRefreshLayout;
public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    View view = inflater.inflate(R.layout.hot_layout, container, false);
    postcardRecycler = view.findViewById(;
    swipeRefreshLayout = view.findViewById(;
    LinearLayoutManager layoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(getActivity());
    adapter = new PostCardImageAdapter(getActivity(), post_data);
    return postcardRecycler;
private void init() {
private void initPostData() {
    post_data.add(new PostCard("", "Batman", "1min", "Original RecyclerView.", "", "100 likes", "100 messages"));
    post_data.add(new PostCard("", "Superman", "10min", "Original RecyclerView.", "", "66likes", "66messages"));
private void initRefreshData() {
    refresh_data.add(new PostCard("", "Batman", "1min", "Refresh RecyclerView.", "", "100 likes", "100 messages"));
    refresh_data.add(new PostCard("", "Superman", "10min", "Refresh RecyclerView.", "", "66likes", "66messages"));
public void onRefresh() {
    handler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            Log.e("refresh", "Enter Refresh function!");
            post_data.addAll(0, refresh_data);
    }, 1000);


Here is ma adpter:

import android.content.Context;
import android.util.Log;
import android.view.LayoutInflater;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.ViewGroup;
import android.widget.FrameLayout;
import android.widget.ImageView;
import android.widget.TextView;
import com.bumptech.glide.Glide;
import java.util.ArrayList;
public class PostCardImageAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter<RecyclerView.ViewHolder> {
    public static final int Post_Layout = 0;
    public static final int AD_Layout = 0;
    private Context mContext;
    private ArrayList<PostCard> mData;
    public int getItemViewType(int position) {
        if(position == mData.size() + 1) {
            Log.e("LOG! adapter position: ", String.valueOf(position));
            return AD_Layout;
            return Post_Layout;
    public RecyclerView.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {
        View view = null;
        if(viewType == Post_Layout)
            view = LayoutInflater.from(mContext).inflate(R.layout.postcard_layout,parent,false);
            ItemViewHolder viewHolder = new ItemViewHolder(view);
            viewHolder.postcard_userIcon = (ImageView) view.findViewById(;
            viewHolder.postcard_name = (TextView) view.findViewById(;
            viewHolder.postcard_time = (TextView) view.findViewById(;
            viewHolder.postcard_postText = (TextView) view.findViewById(;
            viewHolder.postcard_postPic = (ImageView) view.findViewById(;
            viewHolder.postcard_likes = (TextView) view.findViewById(;
            viewHolder.postcard_comments = (TextView) view.findViewById(;
            return viewHolder;
        else if(viewType == AD_Layout)
            view = LayoutInflater.from(mContext).inflate(R.layout.footerview,parent,false);
            FooterViewHolder viewHolder = new FooterViewHolder(view);
            return viewHolder;
            return null;
    public void onBindViewHolder(final RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder, final int position) {
        if(holder.getItemViewType() == Post_Layout) {
            ItemViewHolder itemViewHolder = (ItemViewHolder)holder;
            PostCard post = mData.get(position);
        else if(holder.getItemViewType() == AD_Layout){
            FooterViewHolder footerViewHolder = (FooterViewHolder)holder;
    class ItemViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder {
        public ImageView postcard_userIcon;
        public TextView postcard_name;
        public TextView postcard_time;
        public TextView postcard_postText;
        public ImageView postcard_postPic;
        public TextView postcard_likes;
        public TextView postcard_comments;
        public ItemViewHolder(View itemView) {
    class FooterViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder {
        FooterViewHolder(View itemView) { super(itemView); }
    public PostCardImageAdapter(Context context, ArrayList<PostCard> data) {
        this.mContext = context;
        this.mData = data;
    public int getItemCount() {
        return mData.size();
Answer 1

You need to create two view holder class . One of this you already created which inside PostCardImageAdapter.

And you create FooterViewHolder inside PostCardImageAdapter

class FooterViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder {
FooterViewHolder(View itemView) {

Override getItemViewType inside PostCardImageAdapter and prepare last item will be FooterViewHolder.

public int getItemViewType(int position) {
  if(position < data.size())
     return ITEM; 
     return FOOTER;

Create your viewholder inside onCreateViewHolder with method's viewType parameter

if (viewType == ITEM) 
  return new ItemViewHolder();
  return new FooterViewHolder();

In brief RecyclerView has not exist any footer or header view you can separate each different view with viewholder and then use with position or data status.

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