Does using the latest Android operating system in development really matter?

March 21, 2019, at 02:50 AM

I am developing an Android project and now I am facing many problems.

I wanted to know if newer problems are more stable or if all versions of Android would cause the problems that I am having?

Answer 1

Yes, it does because in the world of mobile whenever a new update drops, a large audience tends to download the update and use the new version.

It's always a good idea if you can beta test your apps on the new version making sure that your application does not get negative feedback for the new update even though with the new OS you might not have to write a single line of code but it's recommended that you run your tests with the new OS just to be sure.

What I do as a practice is to support the last 3 versions of the mobile OS unless the business tells us that they want to support way older versions.

In the question you mentioned you are facing problems, can you please elaborate those or maybe you can read the document more or other StackOverflow forms to know how you can improvise.

Answer 2

I think it matters. Here are a few reasons:

Ensuring the Longevity of your Application

By targeting the latest API version and latest support library versions, you are ensuring compatibility with the newest release of Android. Google fixes bugs in newer releases and Android platform APIs get deprecated over time and new APIs take their place. It's in your best interest as an application developer to stay on the latest version if at all possible.

In some cases, you literally have to do nothing with your app over time in order for it to not function on newer versions of Android.

Targeting the Widest Possible Audience for your Application

Google publishes API level usage statistics which can be very helpful for determining what min and target api levels you should use. You can use this information to target your app at the sweet spot of API levels.

Assuming you plan on monetizing your app somehow, the more people that have access to it, the better chance it has to make money for you.

Hope this helps.

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