Can't understand code of getRefreshKey in Android paging3 codelab

January 19, 2022, at 02:10 AM
// GitHub page API is 1 based:
private const val GITHUB_STARTING_PAGE_INDEX = 1
class GithubPagingSource(
        private val service: GithubService,
        private val query: String
) : PagingSource<Int, Repo>() {
    override suspend fun load(params: LoadParams<Int>): LoadResult<Int, Repo> {
        val position = params.key ?: GITHUB_STARTING_PAGE_INDEX
        val apiQuery = query + IN_QUALIFIER
        return try {
            val response = service.searchRepos(apiQuery, position, params.loadSize)
            val repos = response.items
            val nextKey = if (repos.isEmpty()) {
            } else {
                // initial load size = 3 * NETWORK_PAGE_SIZE
                // ensure we're not requesting duplicating items, at the 2nd request
                position + (params.loadSize / NETWORK_PAGE_SIZE)
                    data = repos,
                    prevKey = if (position == GITHUB_STARTING_PAGE_INDEX) null else position - 1,
                    nextKey = nextKey
        } catch (exception: IOException) {
            return LoadResult.Error(exception)
        } catch (exception: HttpException) {
            return LoadResult.Error(exception)
    // The refresh key is used for subsequent refresh calls to PagingSource.load after the initial load
    override fun getRefreshKey(state: PagingState<Int, Repo>): Int? {
        // We need to get the previous key (or next key if previous is null) of the page
        // that was closest to the most recently accessed index.
        // Anchor position is the most recently accessed index
        return state.anchorPosition?.let { anchorPosition ->
                ?: state.closestPageToPosition(anchorPosition)?.nextKey?.minus(1)

This is the code of getRefreshKey function of the paging3 codelab.

I thought that it's just okay to return state.anchorPosition. But why is this returning closestPagetToPosition's previous key plus 1?? This is the link of the paging 3 code lab.

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